Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This service level agreement (“This SLA”) is the principles that regulate the use of Spiceware in accordance with the conditions of contract between Spiceware and the Spiceware user (“customer”). This SLA applies to each account of Spiceware user. This SLA follows the conditions of contract with Spiceware unless stated otherwise, and the terms used in this SLA have the identical meaning with the terms used in the contract. Spiceware has the right to amend the conditions in this SLA according to the contract.


Spiceware will make commercially reasonable effort (“the service responsibilities”) to provide multiple AZ instances monthly operation time rate (defined below) of minimum 99.95% within each billing cycle. In case when Spiceware did not fulfill the monthly operation time rate, the customer is entitled to receive below defined service credits.


The “monthly operation rate” for a certain agent is estimated by subtracting the rate of “unavailable” time (minutes) within the billing month from 100%. If the customer operated the agent only partial period within the month, the customer’s agent is assumed to be 100% available for the part of the month when it was not operated.

“Unavailable” means service failure situations when the agent in operation does not receive provisioning information for encryption for more than 1 minute or the encryption failures identified by logs.

Service Credits

Service credits is the percentage of paid amount for unfulfilled monthly operation time within the billing cycle, and it is estimated as below table.

nthly Operation Time Rate Service Credit Rate
Over 99.0% less than 99.95% 10%
Less than 99.0% 25%

Service credits can be only applied to credits to be paid monthly in the future. At Spiceware’s discretion, service credits can be issued for the credit card used to pay for the month that had unavailability. The service credit is not refundable in cash. Service credits are issued and applicable only when the monthly bill is more than 1 US dollar. Service credits cannot be transferred to other accounts. If not stated otherwise in the contract, service credits can be received according to the conditions in this SLA as an only compensation measure in case Spiceware prohibits its service, or unable to fulfill its duty or other occasions where customers cannot be provided with its service.

Process of Credit Request and Delivery

i. "SLA Credit Request" in the title

ii. Exact Date and Time of each non-available event claimed by the customer

iii. Affected Name of the region(zone), Company name, and Private IP of agent

iv. A customer's request log which proves that the customer records an error and claims the service failure. (request log)

(Personal information or sensitive information in the log MUST be deleted or replaced by an asterisk(*).)

If Spiceware determines that the monthly rate of uptime of the request does NOT meet Spiceware's service responsibility, Spiceware issues a credit within one billing cycle from the month of the customer's request. If the customer does not make a request or does not provide the other information required above, the customer shall NOT receive the credit.